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Many large technology companies are coming out with devices and ways to automate your home, to help streamline and automate your family’s busy lives. One popular example of this is the Amazon Echo or its similar competitor, the Google Home. These digital personal assistants can help you make shopping lists, play music on demand and more. This trend in automation has extended into the home, with more and more homes including one or more automated features. 

Home Technology

#1 Automated Light Switches

Your home’s lights can be programmed to turn on or off on a timer, through the use of a remote device such as your phone, or when another condition is met. One popular use of this feature is to have your porch lights turn on when the light sensor detects that the sun is setting. Never again will you have to fumble for your keys on a dark front porch if you get home late from work or another event.

#2 Programmable Thermostats

One popular way to save money on your energy bills is to keep your house warmer during the summer and colder during the winter. A programmable thermostat will allow you to keep your home at an energy-efficient temperature while your family is gone during the day, but it can then raise or lower the temperature appropriately when it is getting close to the time that you will come home from work. Using this system can help you save money on your energy bills without sacrificing your comfort during the times that you will be at home.

#3 Remote-Controlled Blinds

Similar to the thermostat, another cost-saving strategy is closing your blinds, something that can help keep your home cool on a sunny day. Many people like to have the blinds open to let in the natural light while they are home, but having blinds that close when you leave the house can be a low-maintenance way to keep energy costs down.

#4 Timers for Electrical Outlets

Many people use timers to automate their home’s interior lights while they are out of town (making it appear that there are people home even when there aren’t), and this technology can extend to many other useful operations. For example, if your coffeemaker doesn’t have a built-in timer, you can have the outlet switch it on so that you can have fresh-brewed coffee when you come downstairs in the morning. 

#5 Automated Food and Water Bowls for Pets

Another item that is growing in popularity is a set of food bowls that deposit a preset amount of food into your pet’s bowl at a predetermined time (or times) each day.

This is yet another example of the fact that any repetitive task can probably be automated. The recent advances in technology have produced an impressive series of automated devices that can help to streamline the daily maintenance of your home, making it easier to focus on the other, more important parts of your life.

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